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Our Hydromulching Services in Brisbane


4 Reasons why hydromulching with Hydro Spray Grass can help you:

  1. A whole new lawn. From bare dirt to a sea of green in around 5 weeks.
  2. A patch up of a ruined piece of lawn. This can easily happen if your lawn has been damaged by heavy machinery or the removal of some large obstruction over your lawn leaving a bare patch.
  3. Lawn rejuvenation. Your lawn may be thin and tired looking. Hydro Spray Grass can be sprayed in a specially thinned mix over your existing lawn. New grass will germinate and grow, thickening your lawn to a rich soft lawn to be proud of.
  4. Erosion control. This is over steep banks or road batters. Instead of cut-offs around roads or near houses being bare dirt and subject to erosion, a spray by Hydro Spray Grass, can check any potential damage by wind or rain.

The way hydromulching in Brisbane works:

Hydro Spray Grass uses a machine to mix together special hydroseeding ingredients. This solution is then pumped through a hose onto your growing area. Hydroseeding is than sprayed over the ground where you want the grass to grow. The top layer of dirt mixes with the hydroseeding solution binding together to form a protective layer over the soil at your Brisbane home. Once the top layer has hardened you are ready to water.

For more information about the hydroseeding revolution in Brisbane, contact Hydro Spray Grass today.

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